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Mushroom Posters

Medicinal Mushrooms Poster

Mushrooms for health

This 24 X 36 inch Medicinal Mushroom Posters each illustrates dozens of different types of medicinal mushrooms. Includes the name and a short description of each type of medicinal mushroom 
 $20.00 ea. + s/h
Posters Shipped Rolled via Priority Mail

MEDICINAL MUSHROOMS POSTERS illustrate numerous traditionally medicinal mushrooms which are cultivated or can be found in the wild.

Please Note: In order to provide you a fair representation of the poster - this image may take a while to load. However, the original posters are of a much higher quality than you will see here.
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Medicinal Mushrooms Poster
Medicinal Mushrooms Poster


Organic Mushroom Plugs for Outdoor Medicinal Mushroom Growing!
offers plug spawn of  hardy gourmet and medicinal mushroom species: These sterilized birch plugs are grooved and fully colonized by pure mushroom mycelium.
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